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Why a Foundation

Our district is one of the most coveted school districts in California. Our award winning schools, outstanding enrichment programs, and strong community support all make the Las Lomitas School District an exceptional environment for children to flourish. Maintaining this standard of excellence requires annual community support.

Proposition 13 in 1978 overhauled the way California property taxes were assessed by basing the tax rate on the property's purchase price rather than the property's assessed value. This tax reform dramatically lowered the amount of money raised by counties for local police, fire, public libraries and public school education in California. California has moved from being the leader in U.S. public education standards to 35th in the nation in per pupil spending. Our District's funding sources have been insufficient to provide the educational excellence that we parents desire and our children deserve.

The mission of the Foundation is to raise funds to close the gap between the increasingly expensive cost of high quality education and existing public funding. The Foundation is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-based organization dedicated to fostering and enriching the tradition of educational excellence in the district. Funds donated from parents, staff and the community helped our district weather the economic crisis beginning in 2008, preventing staff and program cuts. Today, the Foundation is our school district's second largest source of revenue.


Over the past five years, enrollment has grown almost 25%. In 2012-13 alone, our district has grown by almost 60 additional students.

Growing enrollment

Only 21% of our property tax dollars goes to our schools, and property tax revenue in our area has not been growing fast enough to accommodate our enrollment growth. Our District receives only $445,000 from California State, which pays for only four days of school.



1 in 4 dollars


Meanwhile, State funding has declined dramatically.



Unlike most California schools our District receives NO additional funding for a growing student population. Instead, rising enrollment strains the school budget and available resources must be allocated across a larger population, meaning revenue/ student has and will be declining through time. In 2011-2012, the District?s per student spending was $13,200. We are spending far less than our pre-recessionary spending of $14,500.Spending per student