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Board President
Roles and Responsibilities 




*Kinder / new family dinner, Leadership Roundtable(s), Auction, Donor Rec party, **K Roundup, PTA Welcome Coffee(s), Grade Level Parties, etc. 

Time Commitment 

  • The hours per week vary depending on the time of the year. Spring and summer are relatively light, and require 1-2 hours per week. August and September are the planning and recruiting months, taking up about 4-5 hours per week. October to December are the busiest months during the campaign, and can require 5-8 hours per week of time. We understand our volunteers have limited time, and we appreciate any time you can give to support the Foundation, and we will work to make sure your time is used effectively and efficiently. 

If you would like to volunteer as the Board President, please contact Dan Bergeron - 

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